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September 24, 2014

1) 3 Rounds not for time
10 – 20 sec Handstand
1 Rope Climb
5 Ring Dips*
5 Chest To Bar Pull Ups*

2) 10 rounds:
50m Banded Sprint
Partner A will Sprint 50m with
Partner B holding onto Green
Band around Partner A’s waist. At
50m, partners switch roles, Partner
B becomes the runner and Partner
A become the anchor and they
sprint back. After both Partners run
a 50m sprint they have completed
one round. This is not for time, so
the transition does not have to be
rushed, the intent is for the
partners to each have a solid
resistence applied to their sprints.
Rest 1 min between rounds.

3) 2 Round Not For Time:
200m Backwards Sled Pull*
10 Hollow Bodies
10 Supermans

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