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October 17, 2013

The first two people that post their times from today under comments will get a one-on-one session on snatch on Thursday at 5pm at CFA. The first person that talks fun, friendly trash to another person under the comments (hopefully to someone that gets your joke) also gets in on the session.

Sign up for the kids Barbells for Boobs event here. Registration for adults and kids ends Thursday night.

What’s on tap for Thursday? Strongman Meeting at 6:30pm. Endurance Class at 5am at ASH Track. Mobility Class at 5:30pm

1) Snatch Balance:
3 x 3 reps

2) Snatch Pulls:
3 x 3 reps

3) 3 rounds not for time:
2 rope climbs
6 – 10 hand stand push ups
200m backward sled pull


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9 thoughts on “October 17, 2013

  1. Ben, come on now! You know I did the run to give you a shot at Joel.
    Joel, the hair is all about good product and to give a shout out to You and Ben’s favorite boy band and NSYNC!

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