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Real Food Challenge to Get You Through the Holidays


Real Food Challenge by Trayce Snow

It’s happened again. The new year has become old, the holidays are here, and soon it’ll be time to reflect on the good, the bad, and everything else that happened in 2013. Soon it’ll be time think about what and how things can be different, even better, in 2014.

Most common among new year goals is the desire to improve upon fitness and nutrition. At CFA/CF28 we are here to help you prepare for and achieve your goals. We’re here to pick you up when your willpower wanes and we’re here to applaud your successes. In anticipation of the nutrition goals still hiding in the back of your head and to help you get a handle on staying nutritionally sane during the holidays, we’re having a REAL FOOD challenge. From December 1 – December 21, we want you to focus on eating food that was once alive, wasn’t born in a box or bag, and will die if left on the shelf too long. This is NOT a Whole30, but a casual challenge to learn more about the what, where and how of real food. Through email, Facebook and contact with your coaches, this is your opportunity to ask questions, encourage one another, seek and exchange recipes, plan healthier versions of traditional holiday foods, and feel better about what goes into your mouth to fuel your body.

The madness behind this method is to get everyone through Thanksgiving – even if just being a little more conscious about the spoons-ful of cranberry sauce and gravy you put on your plate – clean up your act a little in December, get through Christmas and prepare for a Whole30 in January. Join us Sunday, November 24, 4:00p.m. for an informal conversation about why Cheetos aren’t real food and how to prepare for 21-days of clean eating.

Other things to look forward to in 2014 are gym-wide monthly fitness and nutrition challenges. Each month will involve a different movement (air squats, push-ups, mobility…) and a different nutrition challenge (no added sugar, increasing H20 intake…).

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