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January 26, 2011

Strength WOD
1 rep max of squat clean and push press

10 min AMRAP
6 x cleans
12 x pull ups
24 double unders/tuck jumps

Squat clean progression

Spirits 5k registration

For those of you wondering how to finish this week’s training and run a quality Spirits 5k, here are some suggestions. I don’t want to cop out by saying listen to your body…but, that is basically what I’m about to say.  If your body is beat down by doing Fran and the 20 minute AMRAP, you may want to consider taking off Wednesday and/or Thursday and Friday. Do some 100 m strides on Thursday to work out the soreness and to get in a light workout. Those of you that feel relatively recovered, workout Wednesday and possibly Thursday but consider taking Friday off. The suggestions to take off are for those of you shooting to set a personal record or close to it. If you are doing the 5k as part of your ongoing workout and not concerned about a pr, there is no need to rest between now and Saturday.

I don’t know if I can run a 5k.Your heart rate, zone, exertion level or whatever it’s called will not go above the 20 minute AMRAP we did on Tuesday. The CrossFit WODs push you well beyond the mental and physical limits of a 5k. So, if you have been coming to CrossFit Alex regularly, you are prepared for the 5k even though you may have only run 2 miles in the last month…still aren’t sure, grab a trainer and they will let you know if you are ready.

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