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Monthly Archives: March 2012
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With a continuously running 20 min clock, Run 400m 30 x clean and jerk (135/95 lb) With the remaining time complete as many rounds as possible of "Cindy" which is 5 x pull ups 10 x push ups 15 x squats What is CrossFit? "My Recovery Program: CrossFit" with Pat Sprague, CrossFit Journalvideo [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] Read more »

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3 rounds NOT for time: 4 x handstand push ups 6 x ring dips (stressing full range of motion) 8 x burpees (working speed & efficiency) 10 x unbroken pull ups 20 x double unders Trading Skinny for Strong Olympic Swimming Hopeful Training With CrossFit. Work, Power, and the Science of CrossFit, by Dr. Ken Read more »

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5 x 5 deadlift with perfect form (flat back) or Week 10 of the squat program or Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 200m run 21 x kettle bell swings 12 x pull ups Wendler Strength Cycle: Next week we will begin a 4 week strength cycle known as the Wendler Read more »

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5 rounds: 200m run 10 x push press (115/75 lb) 12 x over head squat (115/75 lb) Team Geaux Endurance training for the Red River Urban Adventure Race Congratulations to those that pr'd at the Freedom 5k -- Larry, Suzanne, Emily and Ryan! "Is Red Meat Really Killing Us" -Mario with My Fit Foods "Brett Read more »

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Run 400m 75 x power snatch (95/65) 100 air squats "Efficiency Tips: Pull-ups" with Chris Spealler video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov] "It Will Never Get Old" with Reis Baron, free CrossFit Journal video - preview [wmv] [mov] The NY Times claimed eating red meat increases the risk of death. Fortunately, Zoe Harcombe explains the flaws in their study. Gary Taubes Read more »

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3 rounds NOT for time of: 5 strict hand stand push ups or max hand stand hold with no wall 8 x turkish get ups 10 x GHD sit ups 12 x bounding box jumps Cruz Lopez Anne Talhem with Fabuluxe Photography shot so awesome photos at CFA over the past two weekends!! If you've

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Spend 20 minutes finding 1 rep max on back squat or Week 9 of squat program or Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of 12x push press (115/75 lb) run 200m St Patty's Day throw down was a blast!! The athletisiscm from eight different CF boxes was amazing and the crowd support Read more »

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Tabata the following: Knees to Elbows Wall Balls Pull Ups Jumping Alternating Lunges (2 is 1) The Tabata scheme consist of performing 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds. In this WOD, all 8 rounds are to be completed for a single exercise prior to moving to the next Read more »




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