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Good Morning, Good Evening, But Which One is the Best?

Good Morning, Good Evening, But Which One is the Best? by Tim Cormier


I am pleased to announce that CFA will be hosting its first AM vs PM competition. So all morning classes (5am-11am) vs all the evening classes (noon-6:30pm). There is even talk of THE MOST EPIC CONTEST OF STRENGTH EVER TO TAKE PLACE ON THIS PLANET: MORNING COACHES VS. EVENING COACHES!

If you would like to participate, the competition will be made up of teams of 3. This is open to athletes that follow the performance program. Teams can be co-ed or all one gender. The only requirement is your team must be made up of all PM or AM members. If you switch up your class times, pick the time you come the most. Your team score will either contribute points to the morning crew or evening crew.

Everyone will be able to complete the movements, but make sure one person on your team can power clean 135/95lb.

The signup sheet will be posted this week, the event will be free and even if you don’t participate, you are welcome to come.

It will take place on Friday, December 6th, 5:30pm.

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