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May 24, 2012


1) “Goat Training” (see explanation below)


Back Squat (for those following the Wendler Cycle)
1 rep max


2) 3 rounds:
1 x rope climb
30 x double unders
30 sec L Sit

Rest and Recovery Day. A few suggestions for today include – Do some mobility work from Prepare your healthy meals to cover the next few days. Get 8+ hours of sleep. Attend yoga tonight at 6:30pm.

Training a Goat: A “Goat” is anything you hate  or something you are really bad at or both. It’s the movement that makes you grimace anytime you see it in a WOD. In an effort to get rid of these Goats, you will start to see Goat training come up from time to time. When you come in, have a weakness in mind that you want to improve on. Work on this same weakness each time you see “Goat Training” until it is no longer a goat. The coaches are here to give you tips and progressions to conquer these goats.

Gym closed this Thursday from 1pm to 4pm: We are continuing to work to getting rid of these pesky little bugs at the gym. The exterminator is coming tomorrow to spray and the gym needs to be clear of humans at this time.  A few of you come in during these times for open gym so we apologize for the inconvenience.

Yoga at 6:30pm on Thursdays: The class is taught by Trayce Snow. Trayce is a CrossFitter with years of experience at instructing group Yoga courses. Each week, Trayce brings the group through poses designed to heal your body, increase flexibility and bring your mind in touch with the body. You should bring all needed supplies – mat, water, towel, etc.

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