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This Used to be My Playground. Why Do you CrossFit?

Written by Lisa Lauve

This Used to be My Playground

Why do women CrossFit? What is it about CrossFit that has women, who have never lifted anything other than their living room furniture in order to rearrange it before their husband gets home, want to become a hard-core CrossFit junkie?

Does it go back to our childhood? It’s recess and the really athletic girls play with the boys. Kickball, foursquare, or whatever the pleasure of the times, we were in. After school in the fall it was neighborhood full tackle football in the yard down the street. I saw that yard recently and it seemed so much longer then.

The playgrounds of my childhood were replaced by the wicked realities of growing up. To discover CrossFit for me was a return to my playground. Monkey bars, playing hard with the boys, and pushing myself as if there are no limits, has filled a place in my life that I wasn’t aware was missing.

Our CrossFit community is just like the one we shared the recess playground with. The bell rings and it’s 3-2-1-Go. It’s 20 minutes of max effort.

I’m sure there are many reasons women… and men CrossFit, but for me… This used to be my playground. 

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4 thoughts on “This Used to be My Playground. Why Do you CrossFit?

  1. Strength comes in many forms. Growing up, I was not an exemplar of strength in any form or fashion. I was trapped in a lanky, skinny body wanting to be the strong one of the bunch. I was very much the tomboy playing tennis and running track, but never truly believed in myself. To be completely honest CrossFit for me began as a way to look good, but has turned into so much more. I feel good! My poor self image and weakness is gone. Not just physically. It is soooo much more than a physical thing for me. It is a mental state of mind that I have lacked all these years. I try things now that I never would have before for fear of getting hurt. Ha! I sometimes laugh at how scared I lived my life. Well, CrossFit has helped me to believe in my abilities, build the confidence that was absent for so many years, and provide me with a support group I NEVER imagined I would have.

    CrossFit = Strength of mind, body, and heart for me!

    1. Great to hear Shelly! …Stronger every day. The confidence in you is evident on the outside too. Great story.
      ~thank you for sharing!

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