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October 1, 2012

1) 3 rounds not for time:
3 – 5 front levers
10 hand stand push ups
5 pistols each leg

2) Work up to 1 RM deadlift

3) On the minute, every minute for 6 minutes complete
5 x push press (185/105)
20 double unders

4) Complete 5 rounds:
5 dead lift (315/205lb)
Run 200m
15 toes to bar
rest 2 minutes

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8 thoughts on “October 1, 2012

  1. 1. Got better with pistols today. All unbroken with right leg and used the band for my right leg. Moved through the HSPU at a nice pace. The Levers…let’s not go there 🙁

    2. Got through 3 rounds with 185 push press and had to drop to 165 for the last 3 sets. DU were not as bad as I thought.

    3. Using my old 1RM deadlift-425

    4. Rowed 200 meter instead of run. Handled the deadlift well. ttb got very hard at the end!

    Great Programming William!

  2. 1. Levers, HSPU and Pistols: I used the red band on the front levers. Used the abmat for the HSPU – First 2 rounds = unbroken. Pistols: Did pretty well with these. Getting used to the drop.

    2. 1 RM deadlift: I failed at 175 lbs…..and that is my max!!! I don’t understand this at all. Very disappointed.

    3. Push press & DU’s =
    Used 85# for push press. I tried 95 but failed while warming up.
    DU’s unbroken the first 3 rounds.

    4. 5 x deadlift/Run 200m/15 toes to bar
    145# on the deadlift/ felt pretty heavy. Toes to bar: I’m slow but did them unbroken the 1st 2 rounds then had to break them up. Last round did 5/5/5.

    I really felt tired coming into the gym at 4 a.m. this morning and have felt that way all day. Early night for me!

  3. Did front levers for the first time without the band.
    HSPU’s are finally back. My shoulders held up well. All rounds unbroken.
    Pistols were good.

    Dead lift=335#. I stopped there. My old max was 355#.

    Push press sucked. Tried 165 and got 4 reps. Played catch up with 135. 5 rounds unbroken.
    DU’s were okay.

    Used 275 on dead lifts. Felt better with that weight, 315 killed me Friday.
    Toes to bar need work.
    My time was between 2:10 and 2:30 every round.

    Tough day!

  4. 365 lb dead lift (PR), did all 6 rounds of push press and DU’s, did 295 lbs on the last wod for dead lifts, 315 was too much, did all T2B unbroken, need improvement on dead lift.

  5. 240 lbs for max dead lift with flat back. Didn’t try any heavier. Back is a little ouchy.

    Dropped to 95 lbs on push press. DU much better in this WOD. 20 unbroken x3 rounds.
    Still need work on push press/jerk.

    205 lbs on dead lift WOD got pretty heavy. Did 4 rounds with almost unbroken TTB. Stopped there due to back concerns.

    HSPU didn’t happen today. My arms are still toast from FRI and SAT. Front levers much better. Pistols still need work but getting better.

  6. 365 dead lift (pr). Failed on 385 Need to work on technique
    185 push was Heavy. Made through four rounds in 6 min
    315 dl on metcon all rounds but last done with in 2 min

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