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New Foundations Schedule

New Foundations Schedule:

The Foundation Course is designed to bring you up to speed on the basics of CrossFit, the form and technique of our movements, philosophy behind the program and nutrition strategies to maximize results. We believe the course is essential enough to your development that we require the course to be completed prior to attending any regular CrossFit classes.

We are in the process of improving the course by incorporating more information on nutrition, general health and the programs offered at CFA. To make it more convenient, we are doing away with the Tuesday and Thursday classes (you probably already realized this for those trying to sign up). The Foundations Course will now be held every Saturday from 8am – 10am.  It will cover everything to get you started in one 2 hour session. That’s right, come to one class on Saturday and you will be ready to go. The new course schedule will start this Saturday, November 10.

The cost of the class is remains the same at $50. We will have a link up soon to sign up online so until then, just show up a little before 8am for registration. The registration fee of $50 is due at the course along with your first month’s membership dues (dues will be prorated for those starting after the 1st of the month).

Are you an existing member that needs a tune up on the movements or some help with nutrition? All members can retake Foundations at any time at no charge.

A large number of individuals and coaches follow our workouts online but do not workout at CFA. We are excited to provide fitness to many people outside of our gym walls. If you fit this category, please feel free to join in on the Foundation Course. The cost for nonmembers is $110.

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