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Missed Out on the February Genesis Experience? New One Starts in March!

Missed Out on the February Genesis Experience? New One Starts in March! by William Albritton

The Genesis Experience course starting in February filled up within 5 days of registration! I am grateful to be surrounded by folks courageous enough to do something difficult to change their lives. Sometimes life is tough because we are too easy on ourselves…these folks have decided to be better than that.

Too many motivated folks is a nice problem to have in our world and we are not about to let something as minor as class size stop our fight against obesity. The next Genesis Experience course will start on March 4th. There will be a nutrition seminar on Friday, March 1st at 6pm. Click here to register.

The course will last 8 weeks. We will meet three times a week for 45 minutes to one hour to workout. We will meet on Monday at 5:15pm, Thursday at 5:15pm and Saturday at 9am. It is very important to attend the nutrition seminar. I realize we have life obligations so it is understandable you will need to miss some over the 8 weeks. However, I would ask that for these 8 weeks you make it a priority to make it to the scheduled classes.

The program requires dedication and it is not easy but nothing in life that is worthwhile comes easy. While it is difficult, we will also have a lot of fun and we will develop some great friendships over the two months!

We will limit the class to 10 – 12 participants to ensure everyone gets the hands-on attention they need. The total cost of the course is $500. Click here to register . If you would like more info or have questions, send an email to I would also be happy to sit and meet with you.

I have teamed with two local doctors, Dr. Bledsoe and Dr. Garcia, to fight the real extremes – obesity, diabetes, sickness… We are bringing the sick to a state of wellness then bringing the well to a state of fitness. The Genesis Experience was originally developed as a pilot program for Dr. Bledsoe’s patients. We saw the drastic results we expected and decided to expand the program to anyone that could benefit – not just post-op patients. The Genesis Experience is an opportunity for someone who is obese and sick to take back control of their life. Participants have seen amazing results both in the gym and in life. Folks have lost anywhere from 2 – 9 inches in their waist. Everyone has increased their strength, drastically improved their stamina and learned to enjoy the physical aspects of life. Most impressive is their increase in confidence and happiness. The joy of accomplishment is powerful!

Throughout the program, you will transform your body and mind by learning to eat REAL nutrient dense food. The goals of the program are to create a leaner body, improve bio-markers, balance hormones and stabilize your mental and physical state. You will increase strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance.

There will be a strong  emphasis on nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation for optimal health. Each participant will keep a food log so we can work with you to dial in your nutrition. We want you to eat in a manner that increases fat loss, supports lean muscle and improves mood, energy and recovery. You will learn to eat REAL food. A lot of what you think is healthy is really hurting you. A lot of what you hear is unhealthy couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I realize it is very intimidating to start a program like this. Please rest assured that we take pride in creating a welcoming and encouraging environment. The nutrition and exercise aspect of the program is very hands on. Your food journal will allow us to help you make the right choices and determine which foods allow you to thrive. A coach will be with you at every workout to teach the movements and provide encouragement.

Do something today that will change your life!

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