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January 20, 2012

“Sam G. B-Day WOD”
Run 800m
100 x double unders
50 x kettle bell swings (24/16 kg)
40 x burpees
30 x dead lift (155/95 lbs)
20 x toes to bar
10 x power cleans (155/95 lbs)
Run 800m

Parking at CFA: We need to park on our property and not in the truck turn out at Tractor Supply (the concrete strip to the right of our drive when facing the CFA building). You don’t want your WOD to be messed up because you have to move your vehicle so an 18-Wheeler can make the turn around.

Saturday Schedule:
7-11am – Open Gym
9am – Free Intro Class – everyone welcome!!
9am – Peak Performance Seminar – no sign up, no cost, members and non-members welcome!
10am – Regular WOD

Peak Performance Seminar by Dr. Brad Kirzner, Alexandria Spine and Rehab: Saturday, January 21 at 9am.  How many workouts do you want to do where you give 100% effort but may only get 65 % results?  Understanding how the body works is essential to better performance.  Whether you are a professional athlete getting ready to compete for the CrossFit games, or running your first half-marathon, or someone that just wants to get healthy and maintain fitness, it only makes sense that you have the most efficient workout.  If you want to stay healthier, avoid injuries, or manage current injury and ultimately gain peak performance, it is important that you have a body working as efficiently as possible.  Come and learn strategies for prevention as well as ways to take care and get your body ready for a workout.  You will walk away with the concept of increased performance of your body so that every time you give 100% effort during a workout you will get 100% return.  When your body allows you to do more you can respond better to the workouts.  CrossFit, or any physical activity, can be very demanding to the joints and body, but is also very rewarding when done correctly.  Take the steps to learn how to maximize your workout and maximize your performance.

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