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CFA Coming to Pineville

CFA Coming to Pineville written by William Albritton

We really have some exciting announcements coming up in the next few months! I want to go ahead and tell you what they all are now but… well, it’s a little premature until a few more items are finalized. But I can go ahead and announce that we will be opening a CrossFit location in PINEVILLE! What started off as a “hobby” became a location on Texas Ave then we needed to tripled our size by moving to our current location. And now it’s time to open a second location!

CFA is proud of the many great coaches which are starting to develop from our gym. Some of these coaches will be bringing their passion and enthusiasm to the new location. ¬†Members at the Pineville location will get the benefit of being coached by some of the most knowledgable CrossFit coaches in the fitness industry. And don’t worry, the same great coaches will also be at CFA.

We as owners of CFA have a deep connection with Pineville as all of us either grew up there, went to school there or currently live there. It feels good to get back to doing some work on the north side of the Red River! We are thrilled everyday to have the opportunity to spread fitness around central Louisiana!

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