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Squatting 200lbs and Winning Cross Country Meets – CFA’s High School Athlete In-Season Program


Squatting 200lbs and Winning Cross Country Meets – CFA’s High School Athlete In-Season Program by William Albritton

Strength Work for Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball
Option 1 – Ideal for In-Season: M & W. 4:45 – 5:30pm
Option 2– Ideal for Off-Season during School Year: M,W & F. 4:45 – 6:15pm

Pictured above is one of our high school cross country athletes squatting 200lbs for reps of 5 about a week ago. He is undefeated in meets so far this year.

School is underway and kids are back into the full swing of sports. Lots of teenagers became very, very strong and super fast this summer with their training  at CFA. They are operating at peak performance to start the year. But what happens to that performance once they leave CFA and begin their sport? If nothing is done to maintain their strength, by the 6th week of the football season up to 80% of the gains over the summer could be lost. Their cardio endurance is likely still high because they get plenty of that during practice. And what about the soccer, basketball and baseball athletes that don’t start the season for another several months? Their strength will almost certainly be lost by the start of the season.

The solution to this is in-season strength training. The training volume and time is reduced from the summer and designed to promote strength maintenance  and gains throughout the season and school year. The volume allows recovery from the intense games and practice. Sessions include the basic lifts (squats, deadlifts, presses, snatch, clean and jerks and pull ups) and do not include the conditioning aspect. They are getting plenty of conditioning in practice and games. What they need is weight training for strength. Playing your sport will increase you skill level and cardio endurance but it will not make you stronger.

Teenagers these days are extremely busy and likely do not have time to spend 2+ hours a day training like we did this summer. The “In-Season” program is also an “In-School” program designed to gain and maintain strength through out the school year until they can hit it hard again next summer.

Schedule & Cost
Option 1 – Ideal for In-Season: $60/month for 2 times a week on M & W. 4:45 – 5:30pm
Option 2- Ideal for Off-Season during School Year: $120/month MW & F. 4:45 – 6:15pm

The program is designed for guys and girls. Athletes do not need any prior experience lifting weights. Our expert coaches will teach them everything to keep them safe and strong. Check out our workouts by clicking here.

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