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September 5, 2012

1) Olympic Lifting Warm Up

2) In 8 attempts or less, find your 1-RM Snatch

3) In 8 attempts or less, find your 1-RM Clean

4) 3 rounds for time:
4 x power cleans (205/115)
30 hand release push ups

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10 thoughts on “September 5, 2012

  1. Snatch—-successful at 180 (matched pr), missed 185. Will continue working on getting this.
    Squat clean—successful at 245 (pr).
    Wod–5:10. Pushups ate my lunch.

  2. Snatch- 195 (pr) missed 200. Need to work on form and the small things.
    Squat clean- 235 (pr) Was dissapointed not to go higher. Need more work, but happy.
    Wod- 3:38. HRPU suck! Great day at the Gym, several people hit pr’s o both lifts. Great programming, keep it up guys.

  3. An ugly 150 (5lb) PR on snatch. I am considering replacing all future snatch work with bench and curls.

    First ever 1RM on squat cleans, successful on 240 and missed 250 twice.

    5:53 on met-con, wish Beebe would have been there to demonstrate his HRPU prowess.

  4. 165lb on snatch and yes William above my body weight! I think i made a new lift called “Sumo Snatch”. It’s when your feet land wider than your shoulders on the snatch. haha

    225lb on cleans.

    i will do metcon later today hopefully.

  5. ok…if you get this twice…sorry. My computer keeps telling me how dangerous this website is and it won’t take my post…so
    snatch – 75 lbs (I think this is a PR. Previous 70) thank you coaches!
    clean – 115 lbs (PR squat clean)
    *****************Great work Jennifer and Karol!!! and thanks for the encouragement
    Jerk – 110 lbs (PR. Previous 105)
    Front Squat – 160lbs (PR) Thank you Roger for spotting

    Capacity test
    4 min Row – 62 cal
    3 min Pull Ups – 52
    2 min BW 115lb BackSquat – 24
    1 min ground to OH 95lbs – 6 …and almost 7
    Row was a KILLER!!!
    Great day in the GYM… and it was almost all day!

  6. Sam – I’m gonna miss those guys. Maybe they can come back and visit on gymnastic skill days, but we can just play that by ear.

  7. 165lb on snatch and yes William this is more than my body weight.
    I believe I came up with another olympic lift. Its called “Sumo Snatch”. When I land my feet are wider than my shoulders, is that bad? haha

    225lb on clean, I think I did the tootsie roll coming up.

    did not have time to do wod, will do it this evening.

  8. Worked up to 265 on clean..didn’t try anything higher.

    Didn’t do the 1RM snatch due to an issue with my shoulder

    WOD: 4:05 HRPU’s need some work

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