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September 28, 2012

1) 3 rounds not for time:
Max unbroken muscle ups
30 – 40 sec L Sit
5 pistols each leg

2) On the minute for 8 minutes complete
3 deadlift (315lb)
8/6 ring dips (male=8, female=6)

3) 3 rounds for time:
Run 400m
25 push ups
12 toes to bar

5 thoughts on “September 28, 2012

  1. Did progression to muscle ups this morning with a band (Thank you Lisa!). 30 sec L-sits was about all i could do each round. Trying to work on lengthening my legs to a straight position. I accomplished pistols this morning w/o using the band for support. Yay! I really liked positioning my hand on my foot…it helped my balance.

    Deadlift (145# = 85% of max) 6 ring dips with blue band
    After the first 5 rounds I started to fatigue on the deadlifts and the ring dips. I pushed through the remaining rounds but it was ugly.

    I think my time was 12:18 or 12:20 RX.
    I have A LOT of work to do. Thanks to Jeff for helping with my toes to bars this morning and William for the push.
    It was a great Friday at the gym.
    Wishing all a super fun weekend. See y’all Saturday morning.

  2. Karol – you did great! The whole crew did great. Kinda sad that everyone stopped posting comments. But really appreciate those that do from time to time. It’s all these little investments in the community that bring us closer together.

    4:30am Breakfast Bunch – (yes – yall have a nick name) had good focus on standards. Ring Dips and Push Ups are noticeably improving. And the 400s were strong considering where we are in our yearly cycle.

    I Did Saturday’s met con due to being out of town tomorrow. 8rds plus 1 snatch. Did squat snatch in round 1 then power after that. Only bad thing was I know my form was bad. So after I did some 95lb hip and high hang squat snatch to reinforce the motor patterns that were lacking in the met con. Tough but doable. Would like to see something like that in the Open.

    Enjoy your weekend Comp Team…

  3. Was able to do the Deadlift and Ring-dips: Solid on the deadlifts but got in a bind on the 5th set of ring-dips but did get it finished. Metcon was 10:12 and push-ups were hard!

  4. Muscle ups 3 consecutive x3 rounds
    40 sec L-sits x 3 rounds.
    Need work in pistols.

    205 lbs dead lifts ok. Jeff said my ring dips need more dip.
    Dang it. Really thought I was low enough.

    Met con really worked in RX push ups. They were killer after everything else. Toes to bar became really tough. I was disappointed in them. 12:00 ugh

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