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October 9, 2013

3 rounds for time:
100 double unders
12 shoulder to overhead (135/95lb)

rest 5 minutes

3 rounds for time:
20 kettlebell swings (32/24kg)
15 burpees

rest 5 minutes

Complete for time
6 legless rope climbs
20 power snatch (135/95lb)
These reps and exercises do not have to be done in order. Split them how you choose. Use legs on the way down.

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10 thoughts on “October 9, 2013

  1. 100 DU, 10 STO (135) 3rds: 5:52
    Rest 5 min
    20 kB, 15 Burpee: 8:08
    Rest 5 min
    20 snatch (135)
    6 rope climbs (used legs) 12:04
    Total time: 34:52

    I think that’s right (2nd wod hurt!)

  2. Wod 1 – 8:31
    Wod 2 – 7:10
    Wod 3 – 8:26
    Overall – 34:07

    Awesome workout. To quote Davidson, “I think I found a weakness today” It’s name – Crossfit.

    1. Scott,

      Tell Davidson that the plate of smothered steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, potato salad, cornbread and desert he had at Brocatos yesterday more than likely did not aid his stellar performance this am?! I got ill just looking at his plate?!

      1. After a year of CrossFit JD has been able to identify only one weakness, the OHS. When you are packing that much skill, a plate of good down home cooking won’t hurt you a bit.

  3. 1: 5:48
    2: 6:27
    3: 8:01

    Total 30:16

    Fun morning–it was fun to just come in and do a wod. Everyone did great. Looking forward to our 5 hour morning on Friday.

    1. I’m actually planning to start Fruday’s work tomorrow with hopes of having it wrapped up by the time the kids get home from school. If I decide to do the optional running, I’ll probably take off work Friday too.

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