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May 3, 2011

15 minute as many rounds as possible of

9 x Deadlift (155lb/95lb)
12 x Push Ups
Run 200m

A message from Tony Rosa from CF main site: CrossFit has changed my entire perspective on fitness and what it means to be fit. I’m 51 now and a Level 1 CF’er, and have never felt better. But that’s not the important point. What’s important to me is the community of people I’ve been able to meet, there’s no way to really describe it. I guess the closest would be to compare it to when I served in the Marines. There is a sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps you just do not find anywhere else. I live in Md, and, unfortunately, train at a big box gym (that’s changing now that CrossFit Crofton is opening up!), but when I travel to NYC and hit the boxes at CFSB and CFNYC, I feel as if I’ve known everyone there for years. It’s a welcoming environment that says “You’re one of us.” One of my best experiences was attending CF’er Jacinto Bonilla’s 70th Birthday bash at CFSB. We did a WOD in his honor and then all were invited to his home to celebrate his birthday. That alone speaks volumes as to why this thing called CrossFit resonates so much. Even more impressive to me how CrossFit supports our Military in both word and deed. That’s personal to me not only because I served, but because my son is presently serving (U.S. Navy), and also for the thousands who are presently in harms way. Anyway, I don’t mean to ramble; just want to say thanks again and BRAVO ZULO for a job well done!  -Tony Rosa

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