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March 22, 2012

3 rounds NOT for time of:

5 strict hand stand push ups or max hand stand hold with no wall
8 x turkish get ups
10 x GHD sit ups
12 x bounding box jumps

Cruz Lopez

Anne Talhem with Fabuluxe Photography shot so awesome photos at CFA over the past two weekends!! If you’ve noticed an increase in picture quality on the website it is due to Anne. Thanks Anne for being a part of the CFA community!!

The Power of Community: CrossFit and the Force of Human Connection– The power of community is about making lives better and helping people achieve their goals.¬† Psychologist¬†Allison Wenglin Belger describes the importance of group affiliation. Through her compelling narratives, each of which intersects with the CrossFit experience, she encourages us to examine our lives and relationships so that we may find meaning in a stressful world–if we are open to the power of community. Watch video.

Dragon Boat Races: If you signed up for the Dragon Boat Race, please turn in your $100 today. There are five spots remaining. First 5 that pay will have the spots.

Adventure Race Practice: For those thinking about doing the Red River Adv Race,  this weekend Lance and Billy are going to put a group of 1st time adventure racers through a mock race at Buehlow Park. It will most likely be 45mins to an hour. If you are intrested in coming please email Lance at We will start Saturday at 8am.

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