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Let’s Get Someone To Watch the Kids While We WOD

Let’s Get Someone To Watch the Kids While We WOD by William Albritton

“I want to do CrossFit but I have the kids all day.”

“I would love to come at that time but I have the kids.”

“Day care will not keep my youngest one.”

I know it’s tough to stay fit and manage the responsibilities of parenthood. Well, maybe I don’t know but as I’ve said before, I have two dogs which I think equals one child. Although I don’t see anything wrong with it, we are going to work to give you a better option than putting your kids in the back yard (fenced of course) with a bowl of food and water.

We have had lots of members and non members saying they would workout more or start CrossFit if they had something to do with the kids. We would like to hear from those folks. If you would workout more or start working out but the kids are holding you back, please send me an email with your contact information, number of children, ages and the times you could workout. Click here to send us your info. We will use this information to begin developing a solution. We must hear from you so we can make an informed decision. Please forward this post to anyone you know who would be interested.


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One thought on “Let’s Get Someone To Watch the Kids While We WOD

  1. William,

    My Emily would be willing to babysit children at 4 pm or 5:30 pm classes on Monday and Friday for a minimal fee of 3 dollars a child. Hope this helps.

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