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June 10

5 x 5 press

rest 5 minutes

200m dumb bell over head walk (40/20 lb)
10 dumb bell push press
200m dumb bell rack walk
10 dumb bell front squats
200m dumb bell farmers walk
10 dumb bell hang cleans
drop dumb bells then 200m sprint

Going to the track at 9pm to redo a workout because you feel you lacked effort earlier in the day…and finding a friend to redo it with you.

Staying an extra half hour to cheer someone through 400m of lunges to complete their first prescribed WOD…and you didn’t know their name an hour earlier.

Going from hate to love to hate to love for so many things and people within 20 minutes.

Redoing a WOD in the same day because you let down a friend by walking when you had enough in you to run…and doing it faster the 2nd time.

Being in a room with 10 people but feeling like the loneliest person in the world when the music starts and the 10 second countdown begins.

Loving life and ready to conquer the world after getting absolutely beat down in a concrete box with some Olympic weights, pull ups bars and running to Nelson and back.

 …that is CrossFit Alexandria

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