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July 8, 2014

CF28 On Ramp logo greenIs CrossFit 28 right for you? … You decide!



Let’s start with the basics… What exactly is CrossFit and is it right for you?


What is CrossFit?


Without a doubt, CrossFit is becoming a sport, as being witnessed on Television and Youtube. However, over 90% of the population isn’t training in CrossFit to participate in the sport of fitness but to achieve overall health and wellness. In many CrossFit resources, it’s stated that, “Our needs don’t vary by kind, only by degree.” Truer words were never spoken. Whether competing in CrossFit on an elite level or just trying to lose 10 lbs, we all have the same needs. Throughout all our lives, we will all be required to complete some sort of squat, push, jump, run, etc, but to what degree is the difference. Those training in CrossFit as a sport will require a larger degree of time and different set of goals as compared to those training in what CrossFit is truly designed for, general and overall fitness and wellness. The structure of our classes at CrossFit 28 is designed to cater to that 90% that want to lose weight, get toned, and have more endurance and stamina.


 CrossFit 28…How we’re different


Unlike your conventional gym or wellness center in which you are required to be self-directed in your fitness routine, we are an instructor led fitness facility. We offer various classes throughout the day (schedule) in which a coach leads the class through a warm-up and workout as a small group. Not only is our attendance structure different but also our programming methods. As opposed to the traditional workout approach that incorporates a variety of single joint movements (curls, lateral raises, leg extensions, etc) and 20-45 minutes of cardiovascular activity, our methods include exclusively multi joint movements (squats, presses, Olympic lifts, etc) and short durations of high intensity cardio training with classes lasting an average of 45- 60 minutes. Through this scientifically proven approach to training and our instructor led model, this allows our clients to achieve their desired results.

You will also find that with the growing popularity of CrossFit, you may also have many options available for choosing a CrossFit gym. At CrossFit 28, we are proud of our business and we want you to experience the difference for yourself by participating in our On Ramp Beginners Program for 2 weeks FREE! Try us free for 14 days, meet our staff and members, see how were different than any other fitness facility in the area and then make up your mind.


 Where to begin


At CrossFit 28, we believe in the product and service that we offer. So much so, that we want you to try us out for FREE. Not just for a single day, but for 2 weeks with no obligation or up front cost.

Everyone begins his or her free 2 weeks in our On Ramp Beginners program. This is a 12-session program that begins the 1st Monday of every month and meets 3 days/week (Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays) at 5am or 6pm. The primary goal of this program is to teach you the basics of CrossFit. We will teach you the movements and exercises performed in the regular classes, discuss nutrition and help you determine reasonable goals to help you in achieving the results you desire, and coach you through a CrossFit Beginners workout. This course is of value. If you choose to continue on and finish out the rest of our On Ramp Beginners Course after your initial Free 2 weeks, the complete cost is less than a few personal training sessions at a traditional gym.



How do I sign up for my FREE 2-weeks?


If you are interested in beginning you’re FREE 14-day trial membership by attending our next On Ramp Beginners course, send us an email to to reserve a spot at the time that’s most convenient for you (5am or 6pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays). Space is limited. If you should have any questions, feel free to contact us or follow us on our Website and Facebook page for updates on our upcoming On Ramp Beginners classes.


3-2-1 GO!



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