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July 14, 2014

Goal-QuoteSet your sights

By: Troy Folse

Goal setting is one of the most important, but overlooked aspects of training. I’m not talking about the goal to get fit; I’m referring to more direct, distinctive goals. The goal to get fit is a lifetime goal that we are always getting closer to, but we will never fully attain (we can always be more fit!) I’m referring to our sub goals underneath our bigger goal. Setting a few short and long-term goals can help you take leaps toward your ultimate goal, fitness.

First, let’s look at what a goal is and a few characteristics of a good goal.  A goal is defined as, “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim”. Basically, it’s something you WANT to work towards, something you WANT to achieve.

At Crossfit 28, we want our members to regularly make and achieve new goals. When one is achieved, we celebrate and move on to the next one. Constantly setting and working toward new goals is not only a good way to stay motivated, but also a great way to see your progress when you don’t necessarily feel any. Over the next few weeks, we will be asking our members to write down three fitness goals. They can be short term (1-3 months), medium term (4-9 months), or long term (one year).  If we know your goals, we can help you achieve these goals.

What should your goals look like? There should be 5 basic characteristics to your goals:

1. It should be SPECIFIC AND CONCISE. Not just “get stronger”, or “lose weight”, but more direct, “squat 200 lbs.” or “lose 10 pounds”.

2. It should have a TIME FRAME. Give yourself an end date. “In three months” or “by my next birthday”

3. It should be REALISTIC. You don’t want your goal to be a cakewalk, but you do want it to be attainable. . If you’re only back squatting 100lbs right now, it’s not realistic to set a 3-month goal of 300lbs…

4. It should MOTIVATE YOU! This is a big one and definitely the most important. You have to be willing to put in the extra work. Maybe it means coming in 20-30 minutes early for class or staying 20-30 min late. It may even mean coming in twice on some days and even WEEKENDS… If you’re not motivated to achieve it, you won’t put in the extra work needed to achieve it.

5. You should think/talk about it in a positive attitude. Start your goal with, “I will”, not “I would like to”. Start to think/talk/act in a positive way toward this goal. There’s nothing more detrimental to the pursuit of anything like a bad attitude. You have to start believing in yourself, and in your work that you are putting in! BELIEVE YOU WILL GET THERE!!

Please take the time to really think about what you want your goals to be, whether it will be losing a few pounds, putting more on the bar, or getting your first double under. It needs to be something you REALLY want to do. We will be posting details about a few upcoming 1-on-1 consultations & assessments that we will be offering our members. Determining your goals will be important in talking with your coaches during these consultations. And remember, as coaches, we will work to keep you accountable and motivated to reaching your goals!

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