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Harlem Shake to be Filmed at CFA

Harlem Shake to be Filmed at CFA by William Albritton

Alright ladies and gentleman, it’s time to have some fun and jump on this Harlem Shake craze! This Saturday, March 9, at 11am, we are going to film the Harlem Shake at CFA. What is the Harlem Shake and what are we doing at CFA? Check out these videos – Ragin’ CrossFitCrossFit Dallas Central, Miami Heat or google “CrossFit Harlem Shake”. If you want to learn the real Harlem Shake, aka albee, click here. What does any of this have to do with getting fit?…I have no idea.

We need you to show up with your craziest ideas, costumes, dances, exercise movements, etc. Look at the good videos – these folks are going all out and we are going to do the same. Pull out that old halloween costume. Get your 1980s aerobic gear. Bring some props. I’ve seen some funny stuff with motorcycles, lawn mowers, farm animals, boats…

We need at least 30+ crazy people to make this good.

If you 1) have ideas 2) can shoot and edit video and/or 3) can get us some good props i.e. farm animal, please send me an email at

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