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Getting Stronger…The August Performance Program


Getting Stronger…The August Performance Program by William Albritton

A lot of people are staying around after workouts to get in extra strength work. Squats, Olympic lifts, sled pulls…it’s a beautiful thing!

It’s obvious that most of you are looking to gain strength. And I love it! We have been preaching for 3 years that the foundation to any worthwhile fitness program is nutrition and strength – not hours and hours of cardio which we have been led to believe for so long.

And who is getting ready to compete in the Battle of the Fittest?

Rather you are looking to focus on strength or get ready for the competition, the August Performance Program will be geared toward both. A lot of time will be spent on developing and strengthening the movements that have been released for the competition. These include overhead squats, snatch, running, clean and jerk and chest to bar pull ups. If you are not competing, you will still greatly benefit from the August program as far as strength, endurance and muscle tone. Don’t worry, we will still be doing plenty of met-cons and you are not going to get all “bulky”. There will be a lot packed into each class. Below is a general template of what each day of the week will look like in August (it will vary, this is not exact).

Monday: 1) overhead squat strength work 2) conditioning with skill work incorporated (typical CrossFit workout including a skill like double unders or hand stand push ups)

Tuesday: 1) clean and snatch strength work 2) conditioning

Wednesday: 1) jerk and press strength work 2) conditioning

Thursday: 1) snatch technique and strength work 2) Optional Endurance WOD

Friday: 1) clean & jerk and heavy squats 2) conditioning

Saturday: Competition specific work and heavy He-Man stuff (heavy sled pulls, tire flips)

Will the Competition Program get you ready for Battle of the Fittest? Or should you stick with the Performance Program? I have been asked this a lot recently so I hope this provides the answer. The Competition Program is designed for one purpose – to peak an athlete for the CrossFit Open in March. I will not get into the Competition Program’s annual cycle in this post, but realize this is a program that started in April and builds on each period throughout the year. I don’t want anyone to be under the impression that doing the Competition Program will get you ready for the Battle of the Fittest. In fact, CFA’s competition group is in the least conditioned shape of the year right now for participating in a competition. Nor will it work to do bits and pieces of it or jump into it for just a few months. Our programs – Performance, Competition and Endurance – are designed to stand on their own and each have their own purpose. If your goal is to get ready for Battle of the Fittest, stick with the Performance Program. If you would like to talk more about the program or specific things for you, feel free to stop me in the gym. I love talking about this stuff!

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One thought on “Getting Stronger…The August Performance Program

  1. Awesome. Been working on stuff on my own and been loving the “heavy” metcon work. Glad to see some snatch technique too. Thanks for the insight into the programming.

    Also I wouldn’t mind looking “bulky”. HA!!!

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