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February 10, 2012

5 rounds:

3 x squat cleans (185/135 lb)
10 x hand stand push ups
15 x pull ups

What is so great about this picture? A young boy sitting still while his mom is doing a WOD.

Kids at CFA: Let’s just get to the point. The kids at the gym are getting out of hand. It is dangerous for your kids to be moving around the gym. It may go unnoticed to the parents in a middle of a WOD but as coaches, we have seen several near accidents. And it’s not just dangerous for the kids who are running around acting a fool. It’s also the well behaved kids (and young teenagers) that don’t yet have the awareness to realize that the man is about to drop that 135lb barbell from over his head so don’t walk under it. Second only to safety is our desire to foster a positive and encouraging environment to the CFA athletes. That simply can not happen with kids running everywhere. We must be able to focus on the task at hand to overcome our perceived limitations. Not worry about that kid moving the box jump I’m about to go to or running through the Oly area while I’m working on a max snatch.

With all that said, we don’t want parents to miss workouts because of kids. The solution is simple. Bring your little darlings. Tell them to stay in one spot and be quiet and they will listen…ok, maybe I’m being naive because I don’t have children. But I do have two dogs so doesn’t that count as one kid? Seriously, there are a lot of kids that come and quietly sit to the side just like the young man in the picture above. They are welcome to continuing doing that. Today, we put a big TV in the seminar room. If your little sweetie can stay in there quietly and watch a movie or play video games or do homework, they are welcome to do so (but first we need someone to donate an XBox and DVD player).

To sum it up, these are the things kids must do to keep their parents from getting a flogging: kids need to sit still to the side of the gym, in one spot and be quite. Or they can stay in the seminar room and behave. Kids do not need to play on any equipment. Basically your child needs to be unnoticed.

Farmers Market at the Alexandria Museum of Art, Saturday 9am – 1pm. Organic veggies, grass-fed beef, pastured chickens and free-range eggs!!!

Tire Flip Contest by Team Red White & Blue and CFA, Saturday at 3pm, Parking lot of the 5th C on Jackson St. Register at the event. Come out to support our veterans!!

Saturday Schedule:
6:30am – 11am Open Gym
7:30am РEndurance 
9am – Intro to CrossFit Class. It’s free. No sign up necessary.
10am – Regular Class

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