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CFA Launches Rowing Classes Friday July 20th!

We get so excited each time something new is brought to CFA! This Friday, July 20th, CFA will begin offering rowing classes every Friday at 5:15am and Monday at 6pm.

Rowing classes are an effective tool to work the entire body along with all metabolic pathways. Rowing improves fitness by increasing power, stamina, strength, speed, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. We all need these general physical skills rather we are a runner, swimmer, olympic lifter, power lifter, high school athlete or someone desiring to get generally fit.

Rowing is amazing for rehabilitation from injuries. It is low impact and can be modified to accommodate the injured area (We do not offer medical advice and you should check with your doctor or PT if you are recovering from an injury. We would also be more than happy to discuss with them what all rowing involves.).

The classes are open to members and nonmembers. Classes are $10/class. Limit 8 people per class. Registration must be done online prior to attending class. Click here to register. No registration or payment will be done at the class. Each class will last approximately 45 minutes and include: warm-up focused on improving your rowing technique, a rowing workout, and a structured cool down.

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