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Bring a Comrade to CrossFit, March 4 – 8th – Perfect for Beginners!

Bring a Comrade to CrossFit – March 4 – 8th

Have you been trying to get a friend or family member to try CrossFit? Are they saying “I need to get in shape first”? Too old? Intimidated? Can’t climb a rope much less do a pull up? These all seem to be valid concerns for the person that has never worked out at CrossFit. Walking into CrossFit for the first time is intimidating no matter if you are Mannie Arceneaux (receiver for the Jets training at CF Alexandria in the off-season) or a couch potato. But we know that once you get into CrossFit for a week or two, all those fears go away. People are welcoming and inclusive. Other than a handful of elite athletes, 98% of the members are your everyday person that has developed excellent fitness or are in the process of getting there. We have 22 year olds working out next to 70+ year olds…and getting beat by the 70 yr old. At least half the folks are not yet able to get unassisted pull ups…but they are getting closer every week.

With all that said, next week will be the week to get that friend, family member or co-worker to come try CrossFit. It is called “Bring a Friend Week”. I encourage you to spread the gift of fitness by inviting someone to any of the regular classes. Every class will begin by teaching the movements to be done that day (which will be a needed review for many of you). We will have extra coaches on hand to help with the larger classes. The workouts will be the same ones you are accustomed to every week. Of course we will scale as necessary for the new folks. In order for us to plan accordingly, there will be an online sign up under the daily WOD post. We ask that all invitees sign up prior to class. We will limit the number of new folks in every class to make sure everyone including existing members get adequate attention during the class. Also, please grab a “CrossFit Comrad Pass” from the front desk to give to your friend. They will need this pass to attend the class.


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