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April 4, 2014

CrossFit 28’s

Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp

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by Jason Hawk

Are you ready to make a change? Well here’s your chance! Introducing CrossFit 28’s Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp! Whether you are currently working out and in search of something new or have never worked out before and are looking to make a life altering change… this Bootcamp is for YOU!


CrossFit 28’s Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp is a great way to get in shape and have fun in a structured and supportive environment. The Bootcamp will begin Saturday, May 3rd with a baseline performance workout and measurements, followed by 2 weeks of Beginners classes starting Monday, May 5th. In the Beginners classes, you will learn all you need to know about the principles and concepts behind CrossFit, the movements performed in the classes, as well as nutrition. After completing the Beginners classes, you will then transition into regular classes.


CrossFit 28’s Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp is different than any other bootcamp because it’s not just about getting in a work out for 8 weeks, but it’s also about developing good habits and making lifestyle changes that will last beyond the 8 weeks of a bootcamp. To accomplish these changes, you will not only be working out in our structured class environment, but also participating in our Whole Life Challenge game. The Whole Life Challenge is an 8-week health and fitness challenge designed to see what type of impact you can have on your body, fitness, and lifestyle by adopting better habits. The challenge is carried out in the form of an online game in which each contestant is scored based on five categories: Nutrition, Exercise, Mobilization, Supplementation, and Lifestyle. Click here for more information on the Whole Life Challenge.


So what can you expect if you choose to enroll?

1)      Fun, Fast, Results driven workouts in less than 45 minutes!

2)      Certified CrossFit Coaches will lead you through each workout.

3)      An encouraging community environment in our group classes.

4)      A Free Nutrition Seminar discussing the proper nutrition for optimal results.

5)      A proven system designed to help you develop good habits that will last a lifetime.

6)      Increased accountability through our Coaches and your peers.



How does the Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp work?


1)      You don’t have to be a member of CF28 to sign up!

2)      Begin by attending our “Pre-Game” Huddle info session Tuesday, April 29th at 6:30pm.

3)      Enroll in the Whole Life Challenge and sign up on the CrossFit 28 team.

4)      Take part in our Whole Life Challenge “Prelims” to get your baseline measurements and performance test.

5)      Attend our “On-Ramp” Beginners Program Monday, May 5th at 5:30pm.

6)      After 2 weeks of Beginners courses, attend any regularly scheduled CrossFit class.

7)      Attend the WLC “Finale” to re-test our baseline measurements and performance scores.

8)      The cost for the 8-week Bootcamp is $349 (includes $49 for WLC registration). This can be made in two payments of $199 & $150.


The Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp is more than just a nutrition challenge or a workout challenge. It’s a whole new way of looking at your life, Your Whole Life. It’s about finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. Not just for 8 weeks, but for life. If you have any questions about the CrossFit 28 Whole Life Challenge Bootcamp please email us at  You can also find more information on our website at








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