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January 20, 2011

3 rounds:
15 cleans 95/55 lbs
run 800m

Heck of a Day at CrossFit!!

“What the Bible Says About 2011” -Dr. David Brooks. “In 2011, eliminate the phrase I meant to…

100 Miles of Trails: Read full article on the CrossFit Journal –  Shane Skowron describes how he became the youngest finisher in a 100 mile race, and Brian MacKenzie and Carl Borg of CrossFit Endurance explain what they think it means. I was 20 years old on July 18, race day of the 2009 Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Run (VT 100). On July 19—28 hours and 26 minutes later—I was its youngest finisher. During my training in the months leading to the race, I used CrossFit Endurance methodology and I seldom ran more than five kilometers at a time. I averaged about 20 miles a week. Prior to the VT 100, my longest run was a single 50 mile race.

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do” -Walter Bagehot

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